Your Local Resource for PC & Windows Support

Progressive Tech offers PC repair and tech support services for almost any make, model and brand of laptop and desktop computers. We even offer special services for custom built high end workstations and gaming systems.

Independent & Locally Owned

We offer independent PC repair services. This makes us an excellent choice for many common PC repairs like screen replacements, damage from liquid spills, data recovery issues and more. We are often faster and more cost effective than other PC repair options. Learn more about us.

For People and Business

With our dedicated Business IT Support team, and a full staff of experienced techs and servicer advisors, we’re one of the best choices for any and all of your PC support needs. We’re available 7 days a week with no appointments required, a claim no other competitor can make. Regardless if you need PC support for work, home, school or fun, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about our Managed IT Services.

PC & Windows Specialists

Our technicians have over 60+ combined years of experience in working with PC hardware and software issues. At Progressive Tech we set the standard with our level of expertise and commitment to customer service. From solving Windows Operating System issues to mass deploying email accounts to mobile devices, we’ve got you covered.

Faster, Cheaper, Easier

We offer express service options, and many repairs can be completed faster and for  less money than competing service providers and or the original manufacturer. No appointments are required, simply visit us when it’s convenient for you! Enjoy our unique customer focused, service only experience. Call us today to experience the difference.

Complete PC Repair Services

We are the #1 choice in the Puget Sound area for fast, quality PC repairs and support for most makes and models of todays Windows based computers. Our local repair facility is open to the public 7 days a week, no appointments required.


Unlike many other repair providers, we don’t require appointments. No lines, no pushy sales people, and no need to ship your PC out of state. Just fast expert repair service available 7 days a week. Since we perform all our repairs right here at our Seattle repair facility, we can get to work work on your PC fast! And with our optional Priority Service upgrade, we can get your system fixed in time frames that smash the downtime associated with other service providers. Walk in with your PC today and get help right away on your own schedule.

Comprehensive Diagnostics

PC not booting? Running slow? Let us evaluate your system to ascertain the true state of your PC. We’ll thoroughly test your PC’s hardware, software, security and performance. These tests often take hours or even days to complete, and many other tech support providers often perform limited testing, which can lead to inconclusive results. Call or visit us today to get immediate help with your PC.

Virus & Malware Recovery

Progressive Tech has the tools to protect your computer and keep it protected. Today’s malicious programs can slow down your computer and compromise your data and personal security. If your computer is behaving poorly, there is a good chance that malware may be to blame. Leading independent research and our own professional experience has shown that not all security solutions are as effective as you may think. Our anti-virus tools and solutions offers numerous advantages over all other anti-virus and security solutions. Our technology is proven to score the highest in a number of critical areas such as overall detection rates.

Software Troubleshooting

If you are struggling with troubleshooting Microsoft Windows, or any other software, we can assist. Our technicians have vast knowledge of the applications you use on your PC, including Outlook, Office, , Adobe Creative Suite and more! Need help with the upgradefrom older versions of apps. Give us a call or stop by today.

Backup & Data Recovery

Unlike many repair shops, we place a huge priority on data protection and recovery. We provide complete data recovery services for all storage media including hard drives, RAID’s, removable media, and external USB drives. Speak with a recovery advisor immediately.

Performance Upgrades for your PC!

At Progressive Tech we stock a large variety of high performance parts, and have the expertise needed to provide honest advice regarding any upgrade investment. Whether you want to run the latest version of Windows or get your professional apps running at full potential, we can provide great options to extend your PC's life and usefulness.

RAM / Memory Upgrades

Almost all PCs shipped in the last 8 years came with between 4GB and 8GB of RAM, and most of these systems can support significant RAM upgrades. However some newer models cannot be upgraded after purchase. If buying new, we recommend at least 8GB of ram, preferably 16GB. If you have a system already and you’d like to get your PC’s RAM upgraded, call us today to discuss the options for your specific machine.

Hard Drives (HDD) & Solid State Drives (SSD)

Performance junkies and data hoarders can rejoice, as it’s now its possible to upgrade to much larger and faster  drives, even in brand new macs! Up to 8TB of data storage on a single 3.5″ hard drive, or up to 90% faster performance with an SSD upgrade. Applicable drive size/type/speed can vary and is often model specific, so get in touch with us today to learn about your upgrade options.

Windows Upgrades & Downgrades

We can help update your Windows operating system to the latest version, allowing you to run the latest apps, not to mention all the new features of the latest operating system. Due to popular demand, we now also offer windows downgrade service for compatible machines. Meaning if you’ve upgrade to Windows 10 and are nostalgic for an older version, we may be able to help.