Convenient on Location Service

Onsite tech support is great way to solve unique tech challenges such as setting up or upgrading WiFi networks, adding new accessories and user support.

Onsite computer services allows us to work directly with our clients to address issues with a focus on personal training and best use practices. By combining the convenience of onsite and remote support, and the backing of our local full-service repair center, Progressive Tech can appropriately handle any and all of your technical support needs.

The Truth About Onsite Support

Onsite support offers a lot of great capabilities and convenience, however there are limitations and some services are best performed at our service center. Many onsite tech support providers claim that just about any issue can be resolved onsite, but unfortunately this simply isn’t honest or accurate.

Many critical and fundamental hardware components can only be properly treated with access to a wide range of hardware and software tools, additional workstations, and around the clock attention from a team of support staff.Here are a few scenarios where onsite support service is an efficient and effective option.

Onsite support is ideal for:

  • Setting up new systems
  • Creating & upgrading wifi networks
  • Network media & file sharing
  • Printer & scanner support
  • Security & password assistance
  • Syncing services across devices
  • Using cloud apps & services
  • Photography & media management
  • Assistance using apps & programs
  • Setting up and managing backups
  • Assistance with organizing files and folders
  • Removing conflicts and compatibility issues

Onsite support is not recommended for:

  • Hardware problems and/or physical repairs.
  • Data recovery from any kind of data loss scenario.
  • Serious virus, trojan or rootkit virus/malware infections.
  • Damaged or corrupted Mac OSX or Windows systems.
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