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Award winning local data recovery services for external hard drives. Trusted by tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

External drives inevitably fail, making it so you cannot access your beloved pictures and documents, or your mission critical business data. When this happens, you can count on our expert data recovery team to help recover your drive. Our data recovery advisors are available 7 days a week, ready to recover your drive right away. No automated attendants, no voicemail. Just real, live humans who are determined to help you get your data back from a failing external drive. Your privacy and security are paramount to us. Walk in or call us today.

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The right choice for your external drive

When the data on your external drive is important, choose the right company to help you out. Progressive Tech are your trusted local experts in Seattle. Don't gamble on low prices and false promises when your data is on the line; know you're working with Engineers with the right knowledge, skills and equipment to provide you with the best data recovery possible.

How much do you care about the data on your external drive?

Many tech repair companies claim to be data recovery experts, but in truth most just run free recovery utilities, or end up sending your external drive to another lab out of state. Progressive Tech has a proven track record of successful data recovery from external drives (which make up over 50% of our data recovery project check-ins), and has earned the trust of tens of thousands of satisfied clients. Right from our facility in the city of Seattle!

Pricing & Promises

Due to the vast array of data loss situations that can happen on external drives, up front flat pricing quotes is usually something to be wary of. Many recovery scenarios do not require clean room service, which is often time-consuming and may cost several thousand dollars. We would recommend being cautious of any company offering a flat rate for recovery without physically evaluating your unique situation first.

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