Our Clients are Talking

Dr. Mona Fahoum, from University Health Clinic says:

“Progressive Tech is very responsive to our clinic’s computer and network needs, which really pleases me as a small business owner. They provide great customer service and IT support. They’re their whenever I need them, and I know I can always rely on them.”

Dave Desrochers, from Signs of Seattle says:

“Just wanted to drop you guys a note to say what a great job you did when our Network went south. Our business was crippled without the network and you came in and saved the day. It was a situation where you could have price-gouged me, but you didn’t. Thanks for being cool about the price, and providing excellent customer service.”

Tina Peterson, from The Hendrikus Group says:

“We use both PCs and Macs in our office and until now I’ve never found real PC and Mac expertise under one roof. Progressive Tech has an expert knowledge base in both PCs and Macs! Not only that, you are extremely efficient, easy to contact and very user friendly. You always consider the most-effective way to handle problems or even upgrades. I highly recommend your services to everyone.”

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