Who is Progressive Tech?

Progressive Tech is a Seattle-based computer repair company offering a complete range of computer repair and tech support services. We perform computer repair on all makes and models of desktop computers and laptop computers, including Apple and MAC.

Service Options

Progressive Tech offers customers four ways to get computer repair and tech services


Progressive Tech’s Mission

From the beginning, Progressive Tech was founded and grew upon a desire to provide honest, knowledgeable, and reliable computer repair and technical support in Seattle.

Progressive Tech’s Reputation

Our focus is on complete customer satisfaction, and we treat each and every customer’s computer as though it were our own. We have glowing customer reviews and testimonials on independent review sites such as Google, Yelp and Angies list, just to name a few.

Progressive Tech’s Services

Progressive Tech provides computer repair, data recovery and consulting services to professionals, students, families and businesses in and around Seattle, Washington. In today’s world, if your computer goes down, so do you. Being out of touch with your data, the Internet, scheduling software, or e-mail can be crippling for any user or business.

Progressive Tech’s Environmental Impact

Progressive Tech is concerned about the effects of computer use on our environment.

  • We do not to sell any computer systems, but rather focus on fixing and repairing computers already in use.
  • We have implemented a complete technology reuse and recycling program through a local non-profit organization and e-waste recycling centers.
  • All of our company owned vehicles operate on 100% domestically produced, renewable biodiesel fuel.
  • Our shop is powered completely by renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric.
  • Learn more about our Reuse and Recycling practices.

Our Mission

To provide the finest and most economically feasible Computer Repair and IT Support while maintaining what’s best for the Client, with genuine respect and stewardship for the ecology.

Client care and satisfaction, quality service, honesty, reliability and environmental care and responsibility are the pillars on which our business is built. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer satisfaction and we never compromise our methods, or service, in a manner that will bring harm to the environment, or is not ecologically sound.
Who We Are

Progressive Tech offers a complete range of Computer Repair and Tech Services for all Windows and Apple Desktop and Laptop Computers. For your convenience, we offer Onsite Service, and Pick-up and Delivery Service at competitive rates. You may also Mail-In your computer to us, and we’ll give it the same high level of service.

Our Staff

Progressive Tech employs a staff of smart, professional, trustworthy and personable technicians who are used to approaching problems in a logical manner. They’re also quite adept at creatively thinking “outside of the box” to find answers and solutions to problems that aren’t necessarily textbook in nature. In addition, they’re trained to weigh the benefits of multiple solutions and proceed in the most cost-effective manner possible. Progressive Tech technicians will never advise clients to move forward with a service that doesn’t make economic sense. And our technicians will always keep you, the client, abreast of every action they take, or consider taking, to affect a repair or other services. When it comes to environmental concerns, our staff places a top priority on recycling and reuse. They minimize tech and E-waste by recycling completely unusable computers and tech parts, and they maximize reuse of functioning computer parts to keep toxic and damaging computer waste out of landfills and from endangering the ecology.

Our staff is…

  • Knowledgable
  • Trained
  • Trustworthy
  • Creative
  • Economically minded
  • Environmentally respectful
  • Personable
  • Security minded

Service Options

1. Customer Drop-Off

6319 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115

10 am – 7 pm, on weekdays
12 pm – 5 pm, on weekends

2. Pickup & Delivery Service

We offer pick-up and delivery service to Seattle and surrounding areas.
Please call 206-525-8324 to schedule an appointment.

3. Mail-in Service

We accept customer delivery via FedEx and other carriers, however please contact us before sending your equipment.

4. Onsite Computer Support

We also offer onsite computer support when drop-off, pickup or shipping is not an option. Please call 206-525-8324 to schedule a visit.

Get information about onsite service