Networking & Wireless Services

With proper planning and the right equipment, a wired/wireless network can empower your home or business with connectivity wherever you need it. Every situation is unique, and we'll work with you to determine your exact needs and implement a strategy to deliver the highest value and convenience from your network.

Residential Wireless Networking
With the enormous popularity of portable computers, wireless networks are now common in many homes. Thick walls and different layouts in each home can provide unique challenges that we will work with you to overcome. We can assist you in setting up your home wireless network to be easy to use and more secure, helping you better protect your valuable and private data.

Home Computer Networking
Find out what you need to fully connect your home or office with an efficient and customized network before you make a purchase. We’ll conduct an onsite visit, survey your networking needs, and then help you draft a cost-effective plan of action for networking your computers. We’ll even help you plan a “mixed network,” linking PCs and Macs for optimal performance.
We’ll develop a glitch-free plan for you to share the Internet, Printers, and Files from anywhere in your home or office with a verifiable secure wireless and/or wired network.

Media Sharing & Streaming
We can help setup an entertainment system to display your media content where you want it, including your HDTV, or share your media across a network storage device. We can even help you stream content through your home or business internet connection for remote viewing and access from anywhere in the world. Get in touch with us today to discuss your media situation.

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