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Recovering data from failing RAID devices can present many challenges, as oftentimes the end user will not remember configuration settings on a device that was set up several years before it failed. Because of this, diagnostics would be necessary to ascertain the viability of any recovery project.

Here at Progressive Tech we have many years of experience working with a wide variety of different kinds of RAID configurations. We have a number of tools at our disposal that use the latest technology to successfully work around the many ways that these arrays can fail. If you have a device that you’re interested in recovering data from, chances are good that recovery is possible. Speak with a Recovery Advisor today.

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RAID - Redundant Array of Independent Drives. This technology dates back as far as the 1970’s. RAID arrays combine multiple physical disk drives into a logical unit with benefits such as expanded storage capacity, increased performance, and fault tolerance.

A common misconception that some people have about the fault tolerance offered by some RAID configurations is that this provides sufficient protection for their data and there is less or no need to be as vigilant about keeping current backups of that data. Although configurations that offer fault tolerance do add some data protection it is not a replacement for having a good backup solution in place.

How much do you care about the data on your RAID device?

Many tech repair companies claim to be data recovery experts, but in truth most just run free recovery utilities, or end up sending your RAID to another lab out of state. Progressive Tech has a proven track record of successful data recovery from Raid devices, and has earned the trust of tens of thousands of satisfied clients. Right from our facility in the city of Seattle!

Pricing & Promises

Due to the vast array of data loss situations that can happen on RAID drives, up front flat pricing quotes is usually something to be wary of. Many recovery scenarios do not require clean room service, which is often time-consuming and may cost several thousand dollars. We would recommend being cautious of any company offering a flat rate for recovery without physically evaluating your unique situation first.

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