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Most Trusted Partner for Data Recovery in Seattle

Lost Your Data? We’ve Got You Covered

At Progressive Tech, our team of engineers works hard to make sure that your data is recovered as quickly as possible. Whatever level of recovery you need, our team is experienced in recovering data from every type of storage medium.

10,000 Satisfied Customers

Trust Our Team of Experts for Successfull Data Recovery in Seattle

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Real humans are standing by to assist you with Data Recovery in Seattle, just call 206-525-8324.

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Storage Mediums

We can successfully recover data from these common data types and many more:

Computers and Laptops

  • Windows PC
  • Apple Mac OS

Camera cards

  • SD/XD/QXD cards
  • Compact Flash/Sony MS


  • RAID Arrays
  • NAS Devices

USB Flash Drives

  • NAND flash drives
  • Monolith flash drives

External Hard Drives

  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)

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Levels of Recovery

The different types of data loss can be categorized into three levels in order to determine the best recovery method:

Tier One

These data recovery scenarios include healthy devices where the OS has failed, the file system no longer mounts, data has been deleted, data transfers and backups.

Tier Two

This more intensive tier usually involves devices that are failing due to minor physical damage, electronic board failure or firmware corruption.

Tier Three

These are recoveries of critically failing devices. The device needs to be disassemble and restored in a laboratory in order to access the data.

Our evaluation process can determine your device condition and the appropriate recovery tier.

Speak with a Recovery Advisor

Why are we Seattle's Highest Rated Data Recovery?
We'll let our clients explain...

"Went here on a recommendation from Glazer Cameras. They were able to recover and restore over 99% of the pictures. All the employees were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend!"
Jake R. on Google Reviews
"Was referred to Progressive Tech by the Apple Store. They were able to retrieve all my data despite the severely damaged hard drive. I would highly recommend their services to anyone."
Pamela I. reviewed on Google Reviews
"I had a portable hard drive fail that had about 2 years worth of projects on it. They were extremely professional and courteous and the price was very reasonable. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone with a data recovery problem."
J.L. Chapman, on Google Reviews
"I had an external hard drive crash and was worried, but Progressive Tech was able to do a full recovery, in a timely manner, with no hiccups. I would recommend them 100%"
Chris M. on Yelp
" ... An AppleCare tech referred me to Progressive Tech, My SSD was physically corrupt and yet Progressive Tech was able to fully recover my data. A truly valuable service!"
Emily A. on Yelp
“This place is a lifesaver! Not only did they recover all my files and photos, but I was impressed by the speed of service. Excellent customer service too. It's nice to have a place you can trust!”
Toni B. on Google Reviews
"Great honest company - they consistently provide supportive service and they are readily available."
Lauren L. Reviewed on Google