Tech with a Human Touch – Help for the Small Business Owner

Tech with a Human Touch – Help for the Small Business Owner

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the top way for small businesses to stay ahead is to  implement tech upgrades to keep communication flowing to allow for growth.

Any small business owner will tell you: that this can be easier than you think once you find the right technology and IT support team in place.

And it’s possible to seek personalized support without wasting valuable time and money searching out quotes, and making deals with multiple providers for each area of service.  A company such as Progressive Tech handles all areas of IT and tech support and repairs which makes it an easy one-stop-shop.

You’ll also receive immediate personal attention from a team that focuses on small and medium size companies.

The result? 

You can focus on your business and enjoy integrated services, along with less stress!

Ready to hear the good news? 

A growing number of area entrepreneurs and established business owners are turning to Progressive Tech, Seattle’s highest-rated technical support company. Owner Richard Roth and his team specialize in delivering bespoke business IT solutions with a refreshingly “human touch.” Committed to offering time- and cost-saving value, Roth provides a full suite of industry-leading services with a distinctively personalized approach. No tech-speak, no jargon, no runaround – just straightforward support that works.

Here’s what Seattle’s top-rated small and mid-range businesses are saying about Progressive Tech:

  • “The Progressive Tech team has supported us over several years and through various changes, always staying flexible to our shifting needs as we’ve grown and expanded. Their CEO and tech team have developed an excellent relationship with us, working to ensure seamless performance across all platforms – both Mac and PC. In my experience, it’s incredibly difficult to find a support team who can manage both while providing top-notch customer service, and Progressive Tech does it masterfully,” says Laurie Brinkly of the Washington Technology Industry Association (Issaquah).


  • “We hired Progressive Tech after significant research including talking to multiple referrals. Their team worked closely with us every step of the way during the transition process, timing everything just right and implementing a custom Mac-focused support program to ensure the smoothest possible transition. We’ve been extremely pleased with the high level of service and their help plotting a course through SOC2 compliance.  Progressive Tech really went the distance for us, and we’re extremely happy with their ongoing support as we continue to grow.  We echo the feedback we received from the existing customers that we talked to: Progressive does a phenomenal job!”  says Jeff Drummond of Center (Bellevue). 


  • “I always refer to Progressive Tech as my partner, rather than my vendor – their level of service is remarkable and personalized in such a way that they feel like friends,” shares Loribeth Dalton, Managing Director Talent at Waldron business management consulting (2nd Avenue, Seattle).


  • “Time and time again we have called and Progressive Tech has answered, they answer swiftly, they show no mercy to our opportunistic IT foes. They are slayers of demons in machines, they are the vanquishers of goblins in the wiring, and the decimators of technology dragons where ever found. We have had several IT providers here in the Seattle area, not a one would stand with the team at Progressive Tech, they are peerless in service and their prodigious skill and unquenchable thirst for delving the deepest darkest chasms of arcane knowledge has ended our twelve year quest for an IT partner,” shares Sevrin Daniels, Co-Founder At The New Blank (Pike Place Market, Seattle).   


More and more small business owners are looking to Progressive Tech for flexible, comprehensive IT solutions designed and adjusted to suit their unique needs.

Support options include:

Progressive Tech protects your valuable time and keeps IT running smoothly.  Let Progressive Tech help you.