Updates & Patch Management

Did you know that untrustworthy software is responsible for over 90% of data breaches worldwide? Keep your systems up to date and working efficiently.

When companies fail to patch systems effectively, bad things happen—anything from minor security breaches to complete network failure. To keep your business open for business, our expert patch management team provides reliable support to ensure that all your third-party programs stay up to date and running smoothly.

Consider Outsourcing Patch Management, Even If You Have an IT Department

The sheer volume of updates that software makers release can be overwhelming. Even if you have a dedicated IT department, it’s challenging for your team to keep track of and stay up to date with unpatched vulnerabilities due to lack of time, lack of resources or even bandwidth required for implementation. When you entrust patch and update implementation to the team at Progressive Tech, you bypass these pitfalls and ensure that your third-party software is always updated and secure.

Find Out More About Updates and Patch Management Services

Let our patch management team keep your IT systems reliable, updated and secure. Have questions about whether we support the third-party applications your company uses? Just give us a call at 206-525-8324 and we’ll be glad to share more about our patch management experience and expertise.